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Platting is the process required by the government to obtain an approval of a subdivision of real property. It is established by hte Texas Local Government Code Chapter 212. The Plat submission and approval process can become complex as it requires approval from your city planning department and in some cases your county as well. For over a decade Axcess Consulting has helped clients receive approval for their Plats. Our team has experience in large commercial Plats as well as residential Plats. Before you begin your construction project, or even prior to purchasing land for development, make sure to review any Platting requirements. Feel free to call us anytime with questions regarding Platting.


It is crucial that from the beginning of your project, you have an expert on your side that continuously keeps up to date with the continuing ongoing changes in the City Platting requirements and how they might affect your Project. You want someone that sees the potential problems that can arise and is ahead of the curve and already working on the resolutions before they become delays, instead of waiting for the Planning and Developement Department to tell you that additional information is going to be required and the Subdivision Plat will take months longer and cost you time and money. We at Axcess Consulting will only take on the amount of Platting projects that we can keep total focus on and provide the clients with exceptional service and comunicate effectively with our clients and keep them always up to date with all status updates. Our promice to you is that you will never have to call repeatedly trying to find out the status. You will be kept in the loop on all actions of the submittal process instead of being shuffled around to various departments at the larger firms. We pride ourselves on our outstanding communication with all our clients at all crucial junctions throughout this process.

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